The People of Earth Are Stupid

In Laugh
Jul 10th, 2013

I saw the new Superman movie a few weeks back. I’m not much of a superhero movie guy, especially the DC comics’ characters. It always looked like the Marvel characters could kick some serious DC ass. The Marvel characters seemed more real because they weren’t one dimensional like the DC clowns. Please shut up fan boys, I’m talking about how the characters were portrayed while I was growing up in the 80s.

I had no desire to see Man of Steel. But it was the second movie on the drive-in double feature with Monsters University. My kids love the drive-in and they love the Monsters movies so we packed up and headed out to West Chicago. Sadly, I think the Cascade Drive-in is the last in the Chicagoland area. Two movies for the price of one can’t be beat so we stuck around and watched Superdude. This was the movie the other adults wanted to see anyway.

In general, I found the movie entertaining especially Michael Shannon as General Zod, who is great in everything he does. I did think the fight scene at the end was way too long. My youngest son must have agreed because he fell asleep during the movie. What really struck me, however, was the stupidity of the humans.

Out of nowhere, General Zod appears on everyone’s televisions saying he’s looking for a member of his species (Kal-El/Superman) hiding amongst the humans. He says if the humans don’t turn over Superman he’s going to wreak bloody hell on Earth. Well blah, blah, blah, Superman turns himself over to General Zod but he escapes and Zod and his minions come down to Earth to whoop some ass. There is a huge fight scene between Superman and Zod in the city of Metropolis. During this battle, there are people on the streets running everywhere to avoid the carnage. Hell, there were even people on the ferry boats. What the hell are these people thinking?

Some alien life form shows up to Earth and you decide it’s business as usual? “Oh I should probably go into work today. The boss might get pissed.” Uh, no. I’m heading for the hills. I’m getting the fuck out of Dodge. They said they are going to kick our asses. I’m not even calling in sick; I think my boss would understand. I’m getting my kids and going into hiding.

The people of Earth are stupid.