In Cry
Aug 27th, 2013

No I don’t mean the guy and girl in the photo. I’m talking about the crap they are wearing. Medical professionals including doctors, nurses, and now apparently medical office/hospital staff wear scrubs. I have no problem with scrubs. I understand their purpose. That purpose being to keep germs away from already sick people. But to me that purpose fails the minute you wear your scrubs outside their intended environment. When you do this “medical professionals”, you are exposing the rest of us healthy people to the germs you’ve been exposed to all day. Sorry, but most people only go to the doctor when they are sick. So in all likelihood, you are probably carrying around some FUNK on your scrubs which you should have left at the office. I don’t feel like getting sick because you are lazy.

You also run the risk of exposing already sick people to whatever FUNK you might have picked up outside your work environment. This is especially true for you “medical professionals” who wear their scrubs on the bus and/or train. GROSS!

Also, you just look terrible and lazy. It looks like you are wearing pajamas. It looks like you didn’t even try. Take 10 minutes and change out of your scrubs. The rest of us will appreciate it.