Misheard Lyrics

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Jul 13th, 2013

Anyone who knows me knows that I am familiar with a lot of songs.  A LOT!  Some of my friends in high school called me the human jukebox.  I will usually know the name of the song, who sang it, and if I’m really on my game, what year it was released and on which album it appears.  This knowledge stretches back to the 50s and 40s, with some knowledge of songs beyond those decades.  I’m not so strong on recent music because let’s face it, most music today sucks.

Well along with knowing most of the facts about a popular song, I usually know most, if not all of the lyrics to a song.  Which made me click on this NBCNews article about misheard lyrics yesterday.  By the way, the actual term for this is mondegreen.  The jist of the article is below.

On Thursday, Spotify released the results of a June survey of more than 1,000 music fans.  Respondents weighed in on the most misquoted song lyrics of all time, and the results are in:

“Blinded by the light…wrapped up like a douche when you’re rollin’ in the night” / Actual lyrics: “Blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night” (Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, “Blinded by the Light”), 52 percent

“’Scuse me, while I kiss this guy” / “’Scuse me, while I kiss the sky” (Jimmy Hendrix, “Purple Haze”), 19 percent

“Rock the cat box” / “Rock the Casbah” (The Clash, “Rock the Casbah”), 14 percent

“Hold me closer, Tony Danza” / “Hold me closer, tiny dancer” (Elton John, “Tiny Dancer”), 13 percent

“There’s a bathroom on the right” / “There’s a bad moon on the rise” (Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Bad Moon Rising”), 12 percent

“Take me down to a very nice city” / “Take me down to the paradise city” (Guns N’ Roses, “Paradise City”), 10 percent

“Animal!” / “Panama!” (Van Halen, “Panama”), 9 percent

“Like a cheese stick” / “Like a G6” (Far East Movement, “Like a G6”), 8 percent

“Don’t go Jason waterfalls” / “Don’t go chasing waterfalls” (TLC, “Waterfalls”), 7 percent

“I blow bubbles when you are not here” / “My world crumbles when you are not near” (Macy Gray, “I Try”), 4 percent

’Scuse me indeed!  My previous post was correct by claiming the people of Earth are stupid.  Apparently that statement applies in reality as well a fictional DC comics’ universe.

I can forgive mishearing lyrics within “Purple Haze” or “Blinded by the Light” because the actual lyrics at first glance don’t appear to make too much sense.  You’re brain will try to find a more appropriate lyric if you can’t understand what is actually being said.  Jimi’s lyrics are the result of a dream he had.  Springsteen’s lyrics (yes Bruce Springsteen wrote “Blinded By the Light”) refer to a deuce coupé, as in a 1932 Ford coupé.  This is the car commonly chopped up and turned into what most people would recognize as a “hot rod”.  His lyrics for “Blinded By the Light” are pretty nonsensical because he wrote them as a stream of consciousness about his early days performing.  Check out this YouTube link to see Bruce’s awesome version of the song from Dublin back in 2006.

What’s unforgivable however is mishearing a lyric that has the actual title of the song in it.  “Rock the Catbox”?  The song is called “Rock the Casbah”.  Why would it be anything but “Rock the Casbah”?  Maybe you need to rock the catbox to bury the nuggets little Fluffy left for you.

The song is called “Paradise City”.  Where else do you expect Axl Rose to take you?  He’s not just taking you to a very nice city; he’s taking you to “Paradise City”.  That’s way better than a very nice city.

Who the hell hears “Animal” when David Lee Roth screams “PANAMA”?  It’s the fucking title of the song.  If he was screaming “Animal”, wouldn’t Van Halen have given the song that name?

Just because the bad moon is rising doesn’t mean you have to run to the bathroom on the right.  And for the love of god, get away from me Tony Danza you’re close enough.

People ARE indeed stupid.

The bottom three songs on their list are just stupid, stupid like the people who completed this survey.  I’d rather jab cheese sticks in my ear than have to listen to “Like a G6” again.  And please don’t go Jason Waterfalls because I won’t be chasing you.  But if you do go I’ll have my Mr. Bubble ready in your honor.