It’s Election Day – VOTE!

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Nov 3rd, 2020

Hopefully you already have and if you haven’t, make time today to go do so. I’d especially like to implore the younger members of this country to exercise their right to vote. Historically, those under the age of 30 vote way less then any other age group. I should know; I didn’t vote for the first time until I was 25. That’s 8 years where I had the right to vote but didn’t. 8 years where my voice and opinion weren’t heard.

And don’t try to tell me your vote doesn’t matter. The first time I voted was the presidential election in 2000. I, ever independently minded, voted for Ralph Nader IN FLORIDA. Al Gore lost Florida and the presidency by 537 votes! 537 votes… that’s it. The entire history of the world and everything that has happened since hinged on 537 people.

The right to vote has only belonged to minorities for 150 years. Per the sticker in the image attached to this post, women have only had this right for 100 years. Women fought very hard to win this right and minorities continue to fight to this day to day to maintain their right to vote.

If those in power make it harder for anyone to exercise their right to vote, all the more reason for you to do so.

YOUR VOTE MATTERS but it only matters if you actually do it.