Jul 6th, 2013

This is the web site dedicated to all things Mojo.  I’m Mojo by the way.  That has been my nickname since high school; I’d say since 1990.  Well before Austin Powers came along and ruined it (that’s the second thing Mike Meyers ruined from my childhood).  Anyway, my friend Mark Thomas gave me that moniker.  I’d like to think he gave me that handle because I sounded a little like Jim Morrison when I sang Doors’ tunes.  I honestly don’t know the reason.  I never asked him.  The nickname “Mojo” stuck and that’s how most of my friends know me.

Like I said above, this is my web site, blog, and just a general place to dump my thoughts.  Why “MojoGlob”?  Because some douche bag owns the domain name mojoblog.com and is just sitting on it (a-hole).  There is no site there hence there is no link (I wouldn’t link to their site regardless).  So I switched the “b” with the “g” and came up with glob.  I actually like MojoGlob better.  I think it’s funny.  Come to my site and get yourself a nice glob of Mojo (ewww…)

Hope you like the site.